We bring innovation to businesses in Nigeria.

02 Innovations Lab is a technology innovation hub dedicated to revolutionizing the digital landscape by providing innovative solutions tailored to meet the needs of SMEs, startups, and various organizations.

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About Us

02 Innovations Lab intends to brings technological innovation to businesses in Nigeria

02 Innovations Lab is a leading technology innovations hub established in 2022, with a core focus on delivering cutting-edge digital solutions to Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and startups in Nigeria. Our mission is to empower businesses and individuals by harnessing the power of technology to solve real-world challenges. With a strong commitment to innovation and collaboration, we have emerged as a dynamic force in the tech industry, delivering a range of services and products that drive growth and transformation.

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We provide comprehensive training programs encompassing web design, mobile development, graphic design, and embedded systems..


We specialize in crafting tailored solutions for our clients.


Our team conducts in-depth research to drive innovation and stay at the forefront of technology trends.